"This is a toast to the weirdo's the misfits the rebels the trouble makers the Artists"

In Art Rules we like to celebrate our students. Each day during the program we highlight some of our alumni's to share with the world the talented, young and future Artist professionals from both Curaçao and Aruba. Read how they stand out and why we must continue to celebrate them and their work.


ARA DJ Student

One of Aruba’s youngest DJ’s/ turntablists’ who strongly believes that you must know the history and art of dj-ing! If he is not spinning at your local radio station he is mashing up the dance floor at school proms. A 5x returning Art Ruler adamant to not miss the opportunity to work with the best DJ’s teaching in the program. A Steller student always working on upgrading his skills which you can tell by his mixcloud DJGAB MixCloud

Chef Damiro

ARA Culinary Arts Student

Chef Damiro Burgzorg stood out for his commitment to the Culinary Arts workshop being the first to walk into his class and the last to leave. Not only soaking up all the information gained from his Teachers, he would also support and guide his fellow students in their process of learning how to become better chef’s. His need to constantly improve and develop his skills brought him to Art Rules and for this he got noted!

Poet Allysha

ARA Writing Student

Aspiring Poet Allysha Goilo had almost lost all her inspiration to be artistic. Her best friends inspired her to not give up and reignited a light that would encourage her to apply to Art Rules. Art is her medicine and Poetry is a way for her to express her true feelings. A gem to be discovered, she writes “I cant stumble on paper trails of blue lines, because writing is definite and clear, and no one can tell if I am crying or laughing, through written words alone.”

Musician JP

ARA Music Student

Self-taught bass player Jean Paul expressed that the Music & Performance workshop was a great experience for him as the level was beyond anything he experienced before and higher than expected. It tells you that Jean Paul is NOT afraid to be challenged and will do anything to develop his skills and become the best Musician that he can be. Becoming a significant band member of his class his bass sound became the foundation for the musical of this workshop.

"A New and Inspiring Generation of Young Caribbean Artist"

Dancer Tanisha

ARC Dance Student

At 13 years, she is one of the brightest stars in the Universe of Dance. She started dancing at the mere age of 6 and hasn’t stopped since then. Completely self taught, you can see she is a natural talent. She inspires people with her smile as it doesn’t matter how hard she goes in, her smile never leaves her face when she’s in the zone. Although she did not always believe in herself her mantra is to “Never give up” which is why she became a student of the day!

Singer Diandra

ARC Music Student

Some people say they cannot live without music and Diandra Angelica is one of them.  At the age of 3 she was told that she sang like an angel and by the time she was a teenager she discovered her true voice. The sound and nostalgia took teachers by surprise as she will remind you of a young Bessie. Such a unique young and beautiful singer, she is inspired by Beyoncé as a performer but also a philanthropist. She is the hungry student eager to learn everything she could in Art Rules and at the same time encouraged and inspired her fellow students to do the same.

Visual Artist Oliver

ARC Street Art Student

Oliver Kerindongo is an aspiring Artist and in particular an Interior Designer. It is why he applied for the street Art workshop. Participating in Art Rules was a highlight for him as he got to work on an extraordinary canvas, the full 200 ft back side brick wall of the La Tentashion. Oliver stated in his motivation letter that he would promise full dedication and interesest as he considers himself to be so ambitious and strives to the best Artist he can be stating that through Arts I want to become a good son, student, member of the society and make people proud and “With paint the stories we tell last forever”.

Photographer Misha

ARC Creative Media Student

You would think students return for experience and for practice. Misha van den Heuvel came back to overcome her fear. It’s her journey toward the final day to shine in front of a crowd, confidently that she aspires to accomplish. As a program for youth development we are proud to host aspiring Artists whom are aware that it takes time and effort to be the best version of yourself. Misha is not only aware, she came in, did the work and she shined.