Welcome to our frequently asked questions page! We hope that any questions you may have will be answered here. If you don’t find an answer to your questions or need personal contact with the organization please send a note to info@artrules.org


I would like to apply for an educators position in your program, how do I apply?

Please send a CV including introduction to info@artrules.org please take into account that Educators are selected at least 7 months in advance of the program start date.

What are the 2017 dates of the program?

Aruba Dec 1st – Dec 10th

Curaçao July 24th – August 5th (completed)

Where is Art Rules taking place in 2017?

Curaçao, Pietermaai @Kura di Arte  (former St.Albertus College)

Aruba, Oranjestad @The Academy of Fine Arts & Design

Which disciplines will be offered in 2017?

DJ, Dance, Theater, Music & Performance, Creative Media, Creative Writing, Fashion Design (ARC only) and Mural Arts (ARA only).

What are the class hours?

Class hours are daily 9:00am – 3:00pm.


How can I apply to Art Rules 2017?

The application form for Curaçao is closed

The application from for Aruba will will launch 3 September (online only).

When will I know if I have been accepted?

Acceptance letters for Aruba between 1-17 Nov.

What happens once I have been selected? 

You will receive an acceptance letter incl. information about payment or scholarship.

What happens when I am accepted with a scholarship?

You will receive an acceptance letter incl. link to confirm acceptance, an invite to the Kick Off and confirmation that you don’t have to pay.

I have applied but did not receive a letter. What to do?

Swiftly send an email to info@artrules.org including your order number.

I am having issues with my payment for participation. What to do?

Swiftly send an email to finance@artrules.org including your order number.


When is the final showcase for the public and where?

Curaçao – Kura di Arte (completed)

Aruba – Date and location to be announced.

Where can I buy tickets for the final showcase?

Every day at the program location.

How much are the final showcase tickets?

20 florin