Actress, Director and drama Teacher Aisa Winter is a graduate from the Theater School Amsterdam with an accomplished career that spans over 10 years of acting, producing, directing and teaching.

Following her graduation (2006) she developed her career by becoming part of many theater productions with various companies both in The Netherlands and internationally. Her work covers a range of stories and diversity like plays such as, “Het Landingsgestel” (The Landing gear), about the life of 2 African boys who tried to escape Africa by hiding in the undercarriage of a plane to Zaventem, Belgium, “Bingo” a Music Theatre Production based on the book “Bingo” by critically acclaimed Surinam writer Clark Accord and “1000 Grootmoeders” (a thousand Grandmothers), a play about 3 generations of women who takes their destiny into their own hands.

Her latest play is the MC Theater (2015) production, “Nina Simone (A)Live” which is the story about the life of Nina Simone and one of Aisa’s favorite productions. As the play kicked off in 2012, the success took it on an international tour to Suriname and getting picked up by Mojo Concerts for a nation wide reprise.

Aside from her extensive work in the theater Aisa is also know for lending her talents to several Dutch television series including the popular “Grijpstra en de Gier” and “Spoorloos Verdwenen”, as well as a series of commercials for Holland’s Rabobank and big screen pictures both in the Netherlands and Belgium. Successes are “Mijn opa de bankrover” and her small role for “Tuintje in mijn hart”, her latest film which is currently in post-production and set to be released in 2017.

Aside from teaching drama through her self established foundation “Aisart”, Aisa also went back to school in pursuit of a Masters in Arts Education for which she is currently writing a thesis on how “TheatreRubrics” (a method to assess kids in drama) can be implemented in Surinamese schools that offer theater classes.

Her life motto’s are ; ” Live life to the fullest ” and ” There’s always something to smile about”

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