Edgar Rosier also know as Bobby Lumpini was born in the suburbs of the south of PARIS. After 10 years of working in the Parisian Luxury Fashion Industry, including fabric buying and production, for Christian Dior Women’s’ wear, he went on to doing production for women’s wear at Givenchy and collection planning for Yves Saint Laurent. He is known for his skills as embroidery maker for Haute Couture Houses.

He recently went back to his first love, which is street wear, men’s apparel and sneakers. He currently works for Starcow Paris, a premium street wear retailer in sneakers and apparel, as their special-projects coordinator and head of the digital team (incl their webshop, blog, social media platforms.)

For Bobby his street wear knowledge and passion, combined with experiences in French Maisons de couture, is to him simply “a good input to my everyday activity”.

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