As a storyteller Dionne Verwey is one of the greats. She honed her craft at the Amsterdam School of the Arts, graduating in Mime. In 2012 she received the Top Naeff Award and a AHK Eindwerk Price nomination for her graduation piece MAN.

As a mime artist she is trained to use her body as an instrument. This unique approach, strong physical and spatial awareness is her source for acting and theatre making. When you combine those skills with her beautiful – often witty and weird – mind, you get amazing must see theatre performances.

The jury: “The brilliance in which Dionne combines often wild images and bright insides gives the audience an enrich experience in Dutch theater.”

As a director she examines the universal aspects of the human being. What binds us as people? In addition, she looks at the society with a good dose of resistance and questions everything that is considered as ‘a matter of course.’ Themes such as; sex, heroism and lost stories are often sources of inspiration for Dionne as director but also as a performer. In her last performance named FOUR she discusses the relationship between adult responsibility and tragic childhood stories in a comical way.

The Theater Newspaper named Dionne’ version of Desdemona in Othello ZEP theater (2015), “the shiny centerpiece of the show.”

The sparkle that Dionne brings on to the stage also reflects in her hosting personality. With style and wit she makes it a pleasure for the audience to get in dialogue. She is also known for cohosting LFMC’s podcast ‘OWRU’ together with founder Brian Elstak.


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