Dj Krokzz has earned the title “Wildest DJ on the island” because of his unique ability and energy to connect with his crowd. He specializes in the genre Urban Electric but doesn’t hold back in giving the public what they ask. He knows how to adapt and interact with the crowd by merging different genres and bringing the cultural diverted crowd together.

During these last 3 years DJ Krokzz has had 3 major highlights that helped him in the process to becoming one of the most known DJ’s in the Caribbean and in The Netherlands. Starting with live streams in 2012, DJ Krokzz dominated with his live mixes. Following in 2014 DJ Krokzz started throwing weekly parties every Thursday in The Alley firstly named “Kachaka Thursday” and then changed to “Alleywood”. This party has become one of the most known and most visited party on the Island. In the same year he started with his own program on a local radio station named Club 104.

In 2013 DJ Krokzz debuted in Urban Classics alongside the best urban local artists. Following in 2014 he played at Dirty intentions which is a big known party on Curacao. In 2015 he got the chance to play in multiple known parties around the Caribbean and in The Netherlands. Some of which are Insomnia, Keihard and RunBon. Now in 2016 DJ Krokzz is playing at celebrities parties such as Bobby Valentina and Amber Rose and is playing alongside Broederliefde and Freddy Moreira. He also played in the Teenerparade in Curacao in both 2015 and 2016.
He continues to make his mark in the DJ world. This young DJ has allot more to look forward to and will continue to grow.

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