Patta co-founder Edson Sabajo first made his mark as one of the premier Hip Hop DJ’s in the Amsterdam area as DJ Edzon under the B-Boy Connections banner.

Actively and passionately involved in the local music and streetwear scene, Edson became a longstanding bridge between the two, connecting with likeminded people and brands both domestic and overseas during his various travels around the world. These journeys and contacts made along the way would provide the foundation for what would become the Amsterdam- based brand and company now known as Patta.

Alongside his partner Guillaume “Gee” Schmidt, the modest Patta store started out in 2004 as a grey market dealer of rare sneakers parallel imported from overseas, slowly but surely establishing itself within the world of streetwear. This prompted acknowledged brands to offer Patta exclusive accounts to officially carry their products, and eventually collaborating with them to create limited edition co- branded items. In 2011, Patta presented its first official clothing collection, successfully establishing itself as a brand.

Around the same time, Edson’s personal interest in running sprung to life, eventually triggering him to initiate and form the Patta Running Team. The team, which currently consists of over 40 runners, gather on a weekly basis to train, and travel frequently to participate in runs and marathons across the globe.

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