In a time of echoes some young lions still roar their own songs. Hailing from
Rotterdam by way of Cabo Verde this man faces both his craft and his audience with
the drive of someone eager to discover combined with the strength and charisma of
someone already in the know. Gery Mendes is an MC, vocalist, producer and actor
who draws pictures as well as attention with every mic he checks.
After winning the price for best musician in the Hiphop category of the Grote Prijs
van Nederland (the Netherland’s Grand Prize) the Dutch music scene had no choice
but to revolve around this Sun. In 2007 he set radio shows, I-pods and stages ablaze
with his self released debut “This is not an album… this is a phase” but he never
‘just’ marvelled with his own work. No, this Brother has fire to spare. Besides from
rocking with an amazing live band, he also shared mics, cameras and action with
artists like Kyteman, Pete Philly & Perquisite, Curse (Germany), Nach (Spain) and
Orelsan (France). As an actor he featured in the tv series Flow and the movie
Carmen van het Noorden, the Dutch remake of the classic opera Carmen, the
Theatrepiece Nina Simone (A)live and musicals The Buddy Holly story and
Flashdance, De Laatste Dichters, the theatre piece about New York’s legendary
collective The Last Poets. With his brilliant portrayal of Felipe Luciano he even moved
the Poets who were flown in to see the play. In the Spring of 2010 he participated in
Diversidad, the European exchange project where different artists from all over the
continent recorded one CD.
In 2014 he presented his second release Caminho which is Portuguese translation
for The road. It represents the musical journey and musical growth Mendes has
made the passed years. From Soulful raw Hip Hop to singer songwriter, jazz and
even rock, but Hip hop and Capeverdean music will forever be the root.
Mendes has performed at various festivals in Holland and abroad. Festivals like
North sea jazz, Oerol, Couleur Café (Belgium) Cultura Urbana (Spain) and Rittam
Fest (Croatia).
Both his studio work and his performances are a continuing promise to his art form
that he will be here to construct, carry and celebrate. Will you?

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