Represents London

Profession DJ/Emcee

Expertise Writing, recording and performing original material for myself and other artists.
Staging and hosting eclectic events and parties. Collaborating with artists and collectives for innovative and exciting event planning, marketing and execution. Continually sourcing new, old and rare music. Developing and maintaining a trusted platform and loyal audience for showcasing the music that moves me.

Job or career highlights Jazz Re:Freshed is my home! The finest live music event in London. Internationally acclaimed as the platform that has been a springboard for many young artist’s careers, and also the favourite performance event for many established ones too.

3 Mobile Network UK chose me to be the face and voice of their first campaign in several years, to relaunch their brand to the UK market. The campaign ran heavily across all broadcast media, TV, radio, cinema for several months and was so successful that I was brought back in to be the focal point again for their follow-up campaign.

I have been the DJ of choice for several years with the Michael Kors flagship stores in London, and recently in Dusseldorf for the annual Vogue Fashion’s Night Out that takes over the entire central London for a night of high taste in fashion and music. the National Black Theater, The Laundromat Project and Urban Bush Women.

Currently working on solo EP release for the “Jazz Re:Freshed 5ives” series

Lives by 
“Lord grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The Courage to change the things I can, And the Wisdom to know the difference”.

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