Dwight Cheuk A Lam a.k.a. Mr Rebels is one of the most talented and independent choreographers in the Netherlands. Having had a rough upbringing, Mr. Rebels was still always able to hold on to his passion for dance and his talent for choreography kept him going and continue to always create.

Starting as a hip-hop choreographer, Mr. Rebels took the bold and daring step to switch to contemporary experimental dance, rooted in his philosophy that dance is all about what you feel and hear and you should not be bound to a specific style but to the experience or feeling in the moment. This is how Mr. Rebels has always been able to continue to challenge himself as a dancer.

Having collaborated on numerous projects and participating in world title battles (which most of them he won), Mr. Rebels currently manages his own dance studio, teaching and producing as a full time job.

His background transcends time and space almost 20 years since he started, having worked and performed around the world from Chicago Illinois to Amsterdam (where he is currently based) and everything in between.

Clients have included, Pop star Kylie Minogue R&B phenomenon Montell Jordan and Dutch Rock Singer Anouk just to name a few. If he isn’t performing or on tour with “the” new artist of the moment he is holding down several dance crews, he trains for shows, battles, tours and competitions.

His current crew, “Da Rebels” represents Mr. Rebels’ space in the Dutch dance scene, which is one that does not conform to what is expected, trendy, cool or common. It is probably the reason why his crew continues to scoop several championships including the latest UDO World championship in Street dance in Blackpool UK.

Mr. Rebels is an extraordinary out of the box thinker who holds no bars when it comes to expression in dance. In his own words, he is “just only here to express myself and continue to grow as a choreographer and in the end as an individual”!

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