Nubian Nene was born and raised in Montreal. Known mostly for her Waacking and House styles in 2007, she joins the BluePrintForLife company, which spreads the knowledge and ideologies of the Hip Hop culture to the Inuits youth of Canada. She has taught at the Ladies of Hip Hop Festival (Vienna/NYC), the Illadelph and Funky Fundamentals Festivals (Philadelphia) and at the International Waacking Festival (Los Angeles). Her dance took her to many European and Asian countries. In 2011, she performed for Jody Watley at the Gramercy Theater, at Summer Stage with Cecilia Marta Dance Company and in the ‘Hip Hop Kung Fu’ production by Buddha Stretch at the Asian Society. She’s featured as a waacker on FOX news “Good Day New York” celebrating ‘Soul Train’ TV show (40th). In 2013, she performed at the Fringe Festivals (Hollywood/NYC) with KINEMATIK Dance Theater, traveled to Toronto to teach and judge at the Unity Festival and performed in Ashland, Oregon with NYC based company Full Circle whom she’s also performed with at the New Victory Theater. She is featured in Jose James’ videos ‘Every Little Thing’ and ‘Peace Power Change’, in Michelle Williams ‘Say Yes’ video, which features Beyonce and Kelly Rowland. Fall 2014, she performed the ‘Music Creates Opportunity’ evening length piece with well-known ‘Bboyizm’ Dance Company, in Vancouver at the Cultch Theater, and since then she’s performed with them in Fredericton, New Brunswick, and Peterborough Ontario. Since 2014 she hosts the Ladies of Hip Hop dance competition and is well anchored in the Festival, as she’s presented work, taught and help with organization. In 2015 she co-creates the House dance duo Tout’seulensemble with Dominique Sophie which was presented in Montreal at La 5e Salle ( Place des Arts) part of the 100lux Festival. Nubian Nene is constantly looking for new opportunities to perform, teach and create, so in 2016 she spent one month in Panama on an artist residency (Lawayaka) to give her solo Stance a new and fresh direction. Her latest work is a piece co-choreographed with crews Flow Rock/LEGZ called LEGADO which is a breaking piece honoring those who came before and who will come after. Most recently, she is working on getting her dance company A Lady in the House Co off the ground to reach and inspire creatives. She is a teacher at the EXPG NYC school and co-organizes a bi-monthly party called It’s a Feeling. Her goal is to constantly inspire through actions, words and dance.

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