Based in London, UK

Profession Fashion Designer / Creative consultant / Writer

Works as a fashion creative for various companies in creative direction, design and development. As a creative consultant he works in a broad artistic aspect delivering creative projects for various companies in concept & brand development, creative writing and performance workshop facilitation, book editing and art exhibition curation. As an ‘Spoken Word MC’ – he has performed around the world from London to New York, Amsterdam & Sydney. Also having released and featured on various music projects, including radio & TV. 

Job or career highlights FORWARD UK (Women’s rights charity) . ‘These Are Our Friends’; A multi-platform, multi-city campaign project, incl. graphic art posters by professional designers and book of poetry by young people which I developed and creative directed.

Curating the exhibition, ‘Something About Bodies’ Art.

Lead designer for the collaboration between high-end fashion designer Hussein Chalayan and Puma Golf brand, introducing a contemporary aesthetic to technical sportswear. 

Fashion Art Director on the Art Rules Aruba arts/education program. Developing and delivering a multi-disciplinary fashion training program that taught approx. 20 students how to realise their own fashion concepts.

Currently developing a design collaboration with Denim Label Endrime, that will combine poetry and design.

Lives by motto which is essentially about excellence and integrity how you choose to be, as a person: “Good people deserve Good people – both in Calibre & Character”.

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