Photographer and filmmaker Selwyn de Wind is a Curaçaoan filmmaker, who returned to his native island medio 2012 with his production company DE WIND IMAGING.

De Wind started his media career as host of the music video show (Video Zoo) and radio host. This is when de Wind began exploring the magic of camera, both film and photography. For a while he covered local events for a famous website/ paper but he wanted more. In 2006 de Wind moved to the Netherlands to study Media Management at Hogeschool InHolland. In 2008 he continued with Audiovisual Media at the College of the Arts in Utrecht (HKU), where he graduated cum laude in direction, camera, editing and coloring.

In the Netherlands De Wind gained ample experience in the film- and photography world, with both artistic and commercial assignments. He worked for production company/ concept developing agency Habbekrats, and was editing assistent for the feature film Rabat (2011), which earned a Gouden Kalf (Dutch Oscar) with lead actor Nasrdin Dchar. Furthermore de Wind worked on various campaigns and commercials for national and international companies such as KPN, Volkswagen, Mc Donalds and Webster University. De Wind also specialized in creating promo materials such as photos and music clips for record labels Universal Music NL/ US, Sony Music, and TopNotch. He has made a.o. music videos and making-off reports for artists like Major Lazer, Yellow Claw, The Opposites, Fellow, Jayh, Trafasi, Kris Berry, T-Pain, Gers Pardoel, Levi Silvanie, Melodia, Yellow Claw, Fresku, Izaline Calister, Salah Edin, Sumera, Kempi, Cache Royal, Fouradi, Kuenta i Tambu, and Dando.

In 2014 De Wind gained international acclaim with the taboo breaking documentary Sombra di Koló / The Shadow of Color, on the meaning of race and skin color in Curaçao, which he co-directed and filmed with anthropologist Angela E. Roe and filmmaker Hester Jonkhout. In 2010 he filmed the first season of Tula su Kosecha, with producer Jermain Lo, which discusses the Tulas of today. In 2011 he made the documentary Anti X-change with journalist Miriam Sluis. In this film Curaçaoan rappers from the Netherlands return to the island to investigate their roots and to give workshops to local youth.

Since his return to Curaçao de Wind has made numerous TV commercials, corporate videos and photos for amongst others Girobank, RBC Bank, MCB Bank, Funmiles, Digicel, Amstel, ENNIA, Caribbean Executive Suites, Cirkel Partners, Curacao Tourism Board, Sedreko, Medical Laboratory Services, Autocity, Sulegria (Fabash), carnaval group WEPA, PWC, Federashon Baseball Kòrsou, and Paradise World. He also produced the short feature film Mi Kulpa for the Dutch television, which was recorded in June 2013 with an all-Curaçaoan cast.

Because of his passion for music and radio hosting de Wind also returned to 88 rockorsou with his show The Intake and a regular DJ spinning all around the island.

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