Born the 6 th of October 1977, in Paris (France), Steve started to
dance in 1991,when back in the days “Mc Hammer, Kid and
Play, The Fresh Prince, etc…was all on TV, and so, influenced
by the way they were dancing, he started to practise on those
moves who made “new jack swing” one of the coolest and
“hypest” dance and music in town, influenced also by the B-
boys and the B-boying culture, he has become one of them, and
later, discovered his interest for “house dancing” in New York
City, by starting to practise “house dancing” since 1997. He has
become also one of the references in that type of dance, as well
as the Hip Hop dance style (also called freestyle in USA)
He stayed mostly in the “underground” scene for 9 years, then
dancing, performing for different events and shows or artist and
finally get recognition in 2005, by Madonna herself, and being a
part of the “Confessions tour 2006”, where he first starts to
assist her as dancer/choreographer with the “Talauega’s
brothers” and directed by ”Jamie king” (Michael Jackson’s
dancers on Dangerous and History tour), where he developed his
abilities and skills as a choreographer…and improved his style
as a freestyler and now, being known and asked all around the
world, for his teaching and instructing, he is passing and
spreading out his knowledge and own experience in
dancing/choreographing and meet many different dancers in his
life, everywhere. Now based in Amsterdam after travelling the
all world, he is pursuing his quest of knowledge and experience

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