Tjon Rockon is a Rotterdam based theatre Director of Surinamese descent. After graduating from the Utrecht School of Arts he followed a custom talent development program at “Productiehuis Rotterdam”.

His work captures elements of the mundane but also the stranger aspects of urban life —all the while draw inspiration from his Surinamese heritage.

Some of his notable works include Riet (2008) and Double Dong (2010) —a play about homosexuality in the HipHop scene for which he won the HKU Theatre Award.

At Oerol and Festival “De Internationale Keuze” he made a lasting impression with Free Mason #1 and #2.

In 2012 he collaborated with Anoek Nuyens and Marjolijn van Heemstra to create the notable play “Bouta”; a play about the controversy surrounding Surinamese President Desi Bouterse.

Recently (2015) Tjon produced Hour of Power with performers Charlotte Goesaert, Joost Maaskant and Omar Breeveld, which is a play that takes a skeptical look at “Cultism” and the myths surrounding illuminati.

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